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Arc. Joseph Benson

ceo, YouTuber, & Editor

Joseph Benson is an architect, Forex trader, video gamer, YouTuber, blogger, aquarist, solo traveler, and ultralight helicopter enthusiast. I’ve been an architect for ten years and have extensive experience with tiny houses.

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Arc. andrew benson

youtuber & WRITER

Andrew Benson is an architect with 15+ years of experience, a blogger, a part-time writer, a YouTuber, SEO expert, a video gamer, and an aquarist. When it comes to pure architecture and the design of tiny homes or houses, I am not left out.

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reuben benson

youtuber, artist & WRITER

Reuben Benson is an artist, real-stage performer, YouTuber, blogger, musician, part-time writer, SEO expert, video gamer, and real estate consultant. As someone with experience in building tiny homes, I am not left out.

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